The 23rd exhibition of the Espace culturel Louis Vuitton in Paris takes visitors on a journey into the Astral depths exploring impenetrable worlds… until May 11th 2014.

Astralis is based on the poem by Novalis, a famous figure in early 19th century German Romanticism, and refers to the concept of the mystified self: an individual who confuses dreams and reality and who, like the artists and visitors of the exhibition, lives at the border between the visible and the invisible.

Experience these celestial and elusive dimensions in the remarkable resurgence of the dozen international artists’ works selected by curator Pascal Pique for Musée de l’Invisible.

Featured artists in slideshow: Børre Saethre(© Maxime Dufour/ Louis Vuitton), Damien Deroubaix (© Pauline Guyon/ Louis Vuitton), Myriam Mechita (© Myriam Mechita), Jean-Luc Favero (© Claire-Noëlle Mouy), Art Oriente Objet (Marion Laval Jeantet and Benoit Mangin) (© Pauline Guyon/ Louis Vuitton), Charley Case (© Charley Case), David Altmejd (© Pauline Guyon/ Louis Vuitton).

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