• Wheels, glorious wheels

    Louis Vuitton creates a captivating dance performance in the middle of an airport style setting. Two travellers meet and their 4-wheel “Zéphyr” suitcases interact.

    A subtly retro look, reassuring curves, four wheels… Elegant and ergonomic, Zéphyr is the new star of Louis Vuitton’s luggage line. Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has accompanied the world’s most celebrated travellers, defining with each, expertly conceived and painstakingly crafted creations, an art de voyager.

    The new Zéphyr trolley case, true to its heritage of craftsmanship, combines respect for tradition with daring modern features. In this video, the dancers twist and turn the case with admirable ease. Both robust and lightweight, this wheeled suitcase is on a roll.

    More in the full animation here.

    Savoir-Faire Heritage
  • My Imprinted Life

    Louis Vuitton continues its endless travel in the world of correspondence with a collaboration highlighting the work of creative artist Marie Beltrami.

    Writing instruments have been essential companions of the traveler across the years, consequently sharing an important history with the house of Louis Vuitton.

    As important then as it is in the digital age of today, the fine art of correspondence in its most traditional form is a statement of refinement, exceptional character and personal expression; it is part of an authentic "art de vivre".

    From personal correspondences to global art movements, and special projects like this initiative by Marie Beltrami, penning letters has always carried a very special significance.

    The aforementioned project comprises over 300 envelopes addressed by the artist to famous and to unknown people, both alive and dead, both real and imaginary.

    To go even further, each envelope is affixed with a “postage stamp” featuring her own image; another way to free herself from the consignments of the everyday life.

    Once again, Louis Vuitton is embarking on a new voyage, a writing journey.

    As Marie Beltrami would put it: “a return to values I find enchanting”.

    Video Collaboration Mail