For Pavel Pepperstein, Prague is a place of sentimental value with an almost protective character.

    He arrived there from his native Russia at the age of fourteen and was “immediately struck by the beauty and mystery of this incredible city”, at that time less sophisticated and less of a tourist destination. The dilapidated state of certain deserted neighborhoods served to reinforce the city’s enigmatic nature. “I have never since felt the force of that kind of presence, and never had such a strong sense of the essence of Europe anywhere else.” Pavel Pepperstein praises the city’s different neighborhoods, such as the very popular St. Vitus Cathedral, and is equally enthusiastic about the dilapidated areas and semi-abandoned factories at the end of the tram lines.

    Pavel Pepperstein is a multi-disciplinary artist, while drawing remains his core medium and raw material, he is also an author, theorist and musician. Ever observant and critical of the society he inhabits, in 2009 Pavel Pepperstein was chosen to represent Russia at the Venice Biennale.


    Travel Books Illustration

    In this Travel Book, the comic-book artist Thomas Ott, describes Route 66's fall, as is his won't. The end of the journey cannot be a happy ending, only a culdesac, a dead end.

    No one but Thomas Ott, a true film fanatic nourished on comic books and novels, could rush with such fervor to the legendary US Route 66. From Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California, he traveled nearly 4,500 kilometers over a period of three weeks.

    “Route 66 is a forgotten world. No one uses it. The landscapes are bare. The towns are in ruins. The streets are empty and silent. These are ghost towns, frozen in the past. I illustrate this lost America along the road.”

    As the horizon stretches out, the traveler becomes intoxicated with movement, space and freedom.

    Thomas Ott, born in 1966 in Zurich, is one of the rare comic-book artists to work in black and white, a powerful choice he made over thirty years ago. With infinite patience, he scrapes away at the India ink-coated surface of scratch-boards with a utility knife, his hatch marks uncovering the white underneath to create the sharp contours of a world that belongs to him alone.


    Travel Books Illustration

    Louis Vuitton will present its lastest innovations and unveil its new app at Viva Technology 

    The new version of the Louis Vuitton app goes a step further by offering a personalized shopping experience with a display of content and a product selection based on user’s interests.

    User can also access all the News from the Maison and shop the entire Louis Vuitton online catalog from there.

    This new version also introduces a unique innovative visual search function, the LV finder.

    With a simple photo, users can identify a handbag seen in the street, in a magazine or in our store windows and shop instantly.

    Lastly, the application is at the heart of the connected objects of the House.
    It is the single entry point to access the innovative services developed for the Horizon collections, offering users the opportunity to travel with confidence.


    Travel Shopping Experience

    The Louis Vuitton Travel Book Collection adds Cuba, Prague, Rome and Route 66 to its destinations. 

    On May 1st, 2018, Louis Vuitton launches four new titles within its Travel Book Collection illustrated by artists from all around the world.

    Chinese Li Kunwu draws Cuba in a prolific and fervent style, while the Russian Pavel Pepperstein depicts Prague filling its colorful icons with poetry and romanticism. The American Miles Hyman stages a lively Rome along with its characters and contrasts. The Swiss Thomas Ott criss-crosses the Route 66, and drives a sharp and dark story.

    The Louis Vuitton Travel Book series is an invitation to real and virtual voyages, enriched by intellectual stimulation and poignant moments. In its pages, the illustrations of renowned artists and promising young talents tell the stories of the cities and countries they have visited, depicting each place’s varied architecture and special light, and recording the passing days and the lives of its people.

    For each new title, a limited edition of 30 copies numbered and signed by the artist will be available in selected Louis Vuitton stores.


    Travel Books Illustration

    Discover rare and unique pieces in classic silhouettes at the Louis Vuitton Las Vegas CityCenter Store.

    Louis Vuitton is pleased to announce an exclusive exotics event at our Las Vegas CityCenter location from April 25th to May 7th. Clients will have access to our most extraordinary exotic leathergoods selection, handcrafted at our Louis Vuitton workshops in France.

    The presentation will include a rich range of exotics in our classic leathergoods shapes which highlight the natural details and high-level of craftsmanship. The collection can be seen in bright colors in either plain or shaded versions. Exotics are available in a matte or polished finish to showcase the natural design through paintwork or embroidery.

    These rare and unique exotics are presented in our Capucines, City Steamer, and Twist. The Capucines expresses refinement with its elegant design. The City Steamer inspired by the iconic steamer luggage and Twist bag inspired by the Trapeze clutch reimagined by Nicolas Ghesquière are now classics on their own. Each style’s shape is perfect for celebrating the delicate details of the exotic skin.

    In addition to this exclusive collection, clients will have the opportunity to further explore our made-to-order crocodile program, where they are invited to choose from four iconic shapes: the Alma, Capucines, City Steamer, and Twist, and 21 different colorways to create their own spectacular one-of-a-kind bag. Three colorways: the Sienne, Blanc, and Rose Peony, will be new offers for the Spring and available during the event.

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    Exotics Handbags Las Vegas Store Event