Louis Vuitton presents Volez, Voguez, Voyagez - Louis Vuitton at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from November 16th, 2018 to February 1st, 2019.

    As a preview to the upcoming Shanghai edition of the “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez - Louis Vuitton” exhibit, the Maison has created a short film where flight, the first of the referenced mode of travel, is used to trace the itinerant show’s journey around the world. After its inauguration in Paris and stops in Tokyo, New York, and Seoul, the exhibit has arrived in the largest city in China. Follow along in the short film to get a taste of the show opening on November 16th, 2018.

    Exhibition information:

    Shanghai Exhibition Center

    1333 Nanjing Xi Lu., Gate 8. Shanghai

    From 11/16/2018 to 02/01/2019

    Monday - Sunday 10:00am - 8:00pm

    Last admission: 30 minutes before closing

    Free admission

    Tel: 400 6588 555


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  • Louis Vuitton launches new Career website

    Louis Vuitton launches new Careers website - Louis Vuitton Heritage NEWS
    Featuring an innovative multimedia magazine design and available in a mobile version, the new Louis Vuitton Career website offers unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the Maison.

    Meet the people on our teams and listen to them talk about their projects with real passion. Read profiles of employees and the vast range of métiers – both well-known and rare – that make Louis Vuitton unique, from design and artisanal leather craftsmanship to client relations, digital technologies and marketing.

    Louis Vuitton constantly seeks a broad diversity of potential employee profiles. This new website is designed to engage with a new generation of applicants, offering a variety of formats that match their expectations and lifestyles. Audio and video interviews, Sound Photos and podcasts all provide unique insights into employee career paths. The site also invites visitors backstage for a look at daily life at Louis Vuitton’s Workshops, Stores and Head Office.

    The new Louis Vuitton Career website lets interested applicants get right to the point thanks to an intuitive, comprehensive search engine that makes it easy to search for job openings. People can also apply using their LinkedIn page or simply by uploading a resume. Plus, job opportunities and content can be shared on social networks.

    The website launches today in 7 languages and 18 countries, including France.

    Immerse yourself in the Louis Vuitton experience at https://jobs.louisvuitton.com


    • LES JOURNEES PARTICULIERES 2018 - Louis Vuitton Heritage NEWS
    • LES JOURNEES PARTICULIERES 2018 - Louis Vuitton Heritage NEWS
    • LES JOURNEES PARTICULIERES 2018 - Louis Vuitton Heritage NEWS
    • LES JOURNEES PARTICULIERES 2018 - Louis Vuitton Heritage NEWS
    • LES JOURNEES PARTICULIERES 2018 - Louis Vuitton Heritage NEWS
    • LES JOURNEES PARTICULIERES 2018 - Louis Vuitton Heritage NEWS
    • LES JOURNEES PARTICULIERES 2018 - Louis Vuitton Heritage NEWS
    After the success of the past three editions, the Journées Particulières reopened the doors to Louis Vuitton's ateliers on October 12th, 13th and 14th, 2018.

    The driving theme behind the Journées Particulières was to enable more visitors to discover the inner workings of our, often secular, continually innovative Houses which form part of our heritage. The 4th edition focused on experiences, interaction and encounters. Each venue offered a unique and original tour, designed by the host House.

    In addition to the Louis Vuitton Workshops in Asnières, France, and Fiesso d'Artico in Veneto, Italy, two new locations were opened to the public this year: Les Fontaines Parfumées in Grasse, South of France, and the Louis Vuitton Ducey Workshop, in Normandy, France.

    Photographs in order of appearance: Les Fontaines Parfumées (x3), Fiesso d'Artico (x2), Asnières (x2), and Ducey Workshop (x1).

    Learn more about the event here: https://www.lvmh.com/lesjourneesparticulieres/

    Event Journées Particulières Workshop Les Fontaines Parfumées Asnières Savoir-Faire

    Learn about the special order trunk created to protect Vermeer's "The Milkmaid" on its voyage from Amsterdam to Tokyo.

    In 1924, Louis Vuitton made a trunk for the French gallerist René Gimpel, enabling him to travel worldwide and present works of art to his clients. Since then, the Maison has been entrusted by clients around the world to transport their art and supplies, creating cases that protect and transport their belongings in the most optimal conditions. In continuing with this heritage, the Rijksmuseum entrusted Louis Vuitton to create a special-order trunk to transport the masterpiece The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer during its voyage from Amsterdam to Japan.

    The trunk, handcrafted in Louis Vuitton’s historic workshops in Asnières, France, has been meticulously produced to house the painting. Adorned in the iconic Monogram canvas and the signature brass corners and lock, the trunk features personalized hand-painted stripes along with a yellow colored interior evoking the main colors of the masterpiece.

    Savoir-Faire Exhibition Trunk

    Louis Vuitton created a special-order trunk to transport "The Milkmaid" by Vermeer from Amsterdam to Tokyo.

    Since its founding, Louis Vuitton has been the master-packer for some of the most precious objects in the world. This year, true to its passion for creation and strong support of the arts, the Maison has teamed up with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to transport one of the museum's most important pieces: Johannes Vermeer’s "The Milkmaid". On the occasion of the exhibition “Making the Difference: Vermeer and Dutch Art” at the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo, the world renowned masterpiece traveled in a bespoke Louis Vuitton trunk from its home in the Netherlands to Japan.

    The Milkmaid, sometimes called The Kitchen Maid, is an oil-on-canvas painting of a “milkmaid“ pouring milk, entirely absorbed in her work. Except for the stream of milk, everything else is still. Vermeer took this simple everyday activity and made it the subject of an impressive painting – the woman stands like a statue in the brightly lit room. Johannes Vermeer’s paintings are considered among some of the most precious artworks in the world, and are kept in the world’s finest museums. Being entrusted with the masterpiece's safe transport across the world is an honor and testament of Louis Vuitton's heritage of quality craftsmanship.

    Savoir-Faire Exhibition Trunk