Presenting the Time capsule exhibition, a journey through the history of Louis Vuitton.

    Time capsule is a journey through the history of the Maison that revisits its landmark innovations in technology and design. Traveling from the Maison's beginnings in 1854 to the present day, the story is told using rare and celebrated objects selected from the Louis Vuitton archive. The exhibition demonstrates the ways in which Louis Vuitton has anticipated changing needs and desires over the last 160 years.

    The exhibition has traveled to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Berlin, Singapore, Dubai, Shanghai, Melbourne, Madrid, Osaka and Los Angeles. The Toronto exhibition commemorates Louis Vuitton’s 35th anniversary in the city.

    Free Admission

    09.07.18 - 09.30.18

    Exhibition Hours

    Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm
    Saturday - Sunday 11am - 9pm


    Union Station
    Sir John A. Macdonald Plaza
    65 Front St W
    Toronto, ON M5J 1E6
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    Exhibition Event Toronto

    Rome as portrayed by Miles Hyman is like a woman, an elusive woman of mystery, seen on a street corner, in the shadows of a terrace or on a balcony.

    Look away for an instant and she’s gone. Just like Rome. The city responds to his approach, offering up its beauty. It becomes “energetic and dynamic, charged with a fleeting beauty, joyous — the elements of the poetry in its everyday life”.

    The city’s inhabitants take precedence over its monuments. “Today,” Miles Hyman says, “I realize that the Rome Travel Book could have been called Travel Book of the Romans. I absolutely wanted to capture the daily life of the inhabitants of this enchanting city with honesty and admiration — I am tempted to say “tenderness”. Why did I want to stress the human element of the city? Because, for me, the key to the city is the striking contrast between its ephemeral life and the eternal.

    Miles Hyman is an illustrator of periodicals and adapts novels — most of them detective stories. He also writes graphic novels. His drawings give the impression that he could have been a writer, with a style somewhere in between that of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Joseph Conrad, or even a film director. It can be seen in the line, in the depth of the colors.

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    Travel Books Illustration

    • SPOTLIGHT ON FW18 SAVOIR-FAIRE - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    • SPOTLIGHT ON FW18 SAVOIR-FAIRE - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    • SPOTLIGHT ON FW18 SAVOIR-FAIRE - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    • SPOTLIGHT ON FW18 SAVOIR-FAIRE - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    • SPOTLIGHT ON FW18 SAVOIR-FAIRE - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    The special know-how inherent to Louis Vuitton emerges throughout the Fall-Winter 2018 collection.

    Within the season’s selection of ready-to-wear, shoes and leather goods are pieces that showcase the savoir-faire inherent to Louis Vuitton. Distinctive surface details play out as cascades of hand-embroidered beads atop a draped bustier, delicate chains affixed to tweed by hand, and silk gazar pleating realized from four hours of workmanship.
    The Cannes bags in canvas, leather and crocodile receive hand-painted treatments, while lining is fastened and hardware is placed by hand on the collection’s must-have minaudière. From start to finish, the Headline shoe with its mix of black leather, white ostrich leather and python represents multiple stages of hand-assembly – the black dots are painted one by one, for instance.

    Whether through construction or ornamentation, such effort speaks to traditional techniques upheld today. And to wear or carry these pieces is to show appreciation for the contemporary art of craft.

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    Ready to Wear Nicolas Ghesquière

    Playful patches put a vibrant spin on iconic Louis Vuitton leather goods and accessories.

    Like a jolt of personality recognizable from afar, the new LV Stories series is easy to spot and fun to wear. Arranged across a Neverfull, Zippy wallet or Aftergame sneakers, these upbeat accents bring out the extroverted side of various Louis Vuitton classics.

    They introduce just the right amount of color-infused creative edge. Best of all, they come already affixed to the products, so the mix of motifs – including graphic LV initials, bold monogram flowers, and tattoo-inspired hearts – has been created for maximum impact. Voguez for all to see!

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    Leather Goods Monogram Fall-Winter LV Stories

    A playful update to the Tambour Horizon invites you to virtually skip from one global city to the next.

    The new City Game interactive watch face for the Tambour Horizon presents a fun spin on travel. The game begins in Paris, the birthplace of the Tambour Horizon. An LV Archlight sneaker avatar loops around the exterior circle. By tapping the face, the aerodynamic, signature shoe leaps over worldly obstacles, arriving at a series of cosmopolitan destinations inspired by the LV City Guides: London, Shanghai, Hong Kong and San Francisco, where the watch is assembled.

    Each time a city is unlocked, a landscape appears within a stylized skyline on the watch face. As the game progresses and scores increase, additional city landscapes appear. Watch the kilometers accrue as you continue to travel the globe from the proximity of your wrist.


    Tambour Horizon City Game Watch Face