Art & Culture - Collaborations 09/25

Artycapucines Collection

After last year’s first collection, the iconic Capucines bag has once again been reinterpreted by six leading contemporary artists.

Beatriz Milhazes

Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes created a bag that takes after her vibrant and hypnotic paintings inspired by the popular art of her native country.

Translating the refined geometric composition of an original artwork onto a Capucines relied on expert and innovative marquetry techniques. A kaleidoscope of textures and colors come together with eighteen different types of leather, further enhanced by gold leaf detailing, and the playful touch of a gel peace sign.

Liu Wei

The Artycapucines from Liu Wei is focused on his interest in geometric architectural forms, such as those found in his large-scale installation ‘Microworld’ at the 2019 Venice Biennale.

Different types of silver-hued leathers were meticulously thermo-molded and inserted directly onto the bag’s exterior or fastened with spherical screws and Louis Vuitton-engraved rivets. Black Plexiglas handles bring a retro-futuristic touch to this sculptural creation.

Henry Taylor

Californian artist Henry Taylor’s Artycapucines transposes ‘A Young Master’, a striking portrait of his close friend Noah Davis, the late American painter and installation artist, using both cutting-edge laser printing and traditional marquetry techniques.

Reproducing the painting on leather to replicate its original brushstrokes and varied textures entailed countless experiments with 2D and 3D printing methods, resulting in a portrait that is also a remarkable sculptural bas-relief.

Jean-Michel Othoniel

Jean-Michel Othoniel saw his Artycapucines contribution as a couture interpretation of a summer basket.

A joyous object with a poetic feel, the handle of the bag is made of large resin beads that echo the French artist’s best-known large-scale works, such as Le Kiosque des Noctambules which serves as the entrance to the Palais Royal metro station in Paris. The body of the bag consists of intricately hand-woven in raffia trimmed with hand-embroidered satin silk and is completed by a charm whose three resin beads serve as a portable Othoniel sculpture.

Josh Smith

New York-based artist Josh Smith’s vibrant Artycapucines design recreates two of his well-known expressionistic paintings.

First, for the exterior, the painted canvas of one of his signature works spelling out his name was embroidered with white-colored stitches to replicate brushstrokes, creating a sensation of depth. The fabric and stitches were then painstakingly printed, before the letters of Smith’s name were embroidered across the entire bag. Hidden inside, the bag’s inner lining is printed with Palm #3, another of Smith’s striking and brightly colored paintings, while ten silver-colored staples enclose the bag’s outer shell, echoing the unfinished edges of an artist’s canvas.

Zhao Zhao

Chinese artist Zhao Zhao’s Artycapucines is a sophisticated puzzle of over three hundred laser-cut parts sewn together into an elegant, reflective composition.

Numerous exclusive techniques such as silkscreen printing, high-frequency embossing, and 3D embroidery, transform over three hundred pieces from five different types of leather. The resulting pattern covers the entire surface of the finished bag, creating the impression that the artist’s sculpture ‘In Extremis No.3’ has been molded to fit precisely around the Capucines.