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Cities on Earth, a new photo book

Cities on Earth, a new photo book

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Cities on Earth brings together the photographers of the Tendance Floue collective for a very special album inspired by the Louis Vuitton City Guides.

From Paris to Shanghai, New York to Tokyo, the fourteen photographers explored thirty cities for the past eight years, capturing these archetypal metropolises in all their contemporary variety and complexity.  Together, the photographs capture the ever-changing contours of urban public space and come together to trace the outlines of a global city. The reader embarks on a dazzling, mysterious, and exciting journey, an immersive stroll, a truly poetic and engaging experience.

Founded in 1991, the French photography collective Tendance Floue aims to create emotions rather than simply something to look at, instead of simply documenting the world, they choose to constantly question it. The confrontation of individual photographic styles within the collective widens their field of vision while enriching each member’s viewpoint and inspiring reflection.

Cities on Earth: ePub Version

This summer, to celebrate the launch of the Maison’s new edition of its Arles City Guide in association with the Rencontres de la Photographie festival in Arles, the ePub version of Cities on Earth is available for download at no cost during the festival.