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Louis Vuitton Bike

Louis Vuitton Bike

Louis Vuitton and Maison TAMBOITE have come together, fusing both Maisons’ common yet unique savoir-faire of leather craftsmanship and woodwork.

In a continuum of the Art of Travel, the Louis Vuitton Bike invites each curious cyclist, beginner or experienced, to explore horizons, comfortably meandering any landscape. Made by Louis Vuitton and TAMBOITE, an artisanal Paris-based bike-maker established in 1912, the bicycles are a symbol of French craftsmanship and Parisian chic. Perfect for a city adventure or a countryside exploration, the bicycle features signatures of the Maison, including a Monogram flower chainset and an interlocking “LV” shaped frame. Additional nods to Louis Vuitton’s heritage are seen throughout, including the leather saddle, handlebars, and luggage rack.

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