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Fashion - Campaigns 09/03

Men's Fall 2021 Capsule

For Fall 2021, Louis Vuitton presents a Menswear capsule collection designed for urbanites who favor a formal silhouette with subtle, nonchalant twists.

Inspired by a 1914 greeting card written by Gaston-Louis Vuitton featuring an expressionist bouquet against a checkerboard background, Virgil Abloh’s latest line revisits both the Damier and Monogram signatures in novel ways.

The Film

The archival greeting card’s handwritten inscription “Marque L. Vuitton déposée” finds its way over a century later throughout the Fall collection in a Damier motif featuring pencil-like markings. For the season’s new Monogram Sunset, a multicolor tie-dye effect reinterprets one of Virgil Abloh’s earliest prints, a running theme throughout his Louis Vuitton collections.

The Campaign

Combining historic references in thoroughly modern ways, both the Damier Greetings and Monogram Sunset patterns feature across a range of fall-ready garments, outerwear, shoes, accessories in addition to a selection of familiar leather goods such as the Keepall, Soft Trunk, or Sac Plat.

Mixed Leather Blouson $4,250.00
Belted Damier Coat $3,700.00
Vendome Flex Loafer $1,580.00
Damier Leather Jacket $6,750.00

Dye artwork design created by and licensed from Daniel Cascarella.

The Selection

Damier Denim Trucker Jacket $2,610.00
LV Trainer Sneaker $1,260.00