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Objets Nomades at Home

Preview Louis Vuitton’s limited-edition collection of design objects and furniture from the comfort of your own home using just your smartphone.

Objets Nomades is the ever-expanding collection that weaves together Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire and the skills of world-renowned designers to create inventive chairs, tables, shelves, and more. Thanks to Augmented Reality technology, you can now easily visualize in 3D a wide selection of Objets Nomades in your own home.

How to

  1. Using your iPhone (6S or higher with iOS12), iPad (2017 and iPad Pro) or Android phone (7.0 or higher), choose one of the Objets Nomades below.
  2. Click on the AR button at the bottom of the screen to launch the experience.

Augmented Reality Experience

View this page on mobile to visualize the Objets Nomades from de comfort of your own home, thanks to Augmented Reality technology.

Totem Floral By Damien Langlois-Meurinne

The Collection

The Objets Nomades collection is available at all Louis Vuitton stores, online and through our Client Services.

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