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Tambour Horizon Connected Watch

The Tambour Horizon connected watch offers a unique connected experience that fully embodies Louis Vuitton’s signature Spirit of Travel.

The Watch

Boasting innovations both inside and out, the Tambour Horizon is not just a cutting-edge timepiece but also an endlessly customizable creative outlet following in the footsteps of Louis Vuitton’s long tradition of personalization.

The Collection

Reminiscent of its analog predecessors, the Tambour Horizon’s distinctive case is available in four materials and colors and can be continually personalized by switching out the interchangeable straps.

The Watch Faces

Thanks to an entirely digital touch screen dial, the Tambour Horizon’s watch face serves as a rich, interactive display with a variety of content including classic connected watch functions, as well as several Louis Vuitton exclusive features.

LV Canvas

Set your Tambour Horizon watch face with the Louis Vuitton background of your choice, from the iconic Monogram or Damier canvases to the latest leather goods collections.

My Favorites

Add shortcuts to your favorite Tambour Horizon functionalities directly to your watch face for easy access, such as the weather forecast, pollution index, step counter and more.

My Style

Fully customize the design of your Tambour Horizon watch face with your choice of background canvas, colorful stripes or Gaston V motif, personal initials, and either analog or digital time display.

My Travel

Tambour Horizon’s My Travel watch face displays a range of personalized travel information related to upcoming flights or train trips, hotel information, weather forecasts and more.

Louis Vuitton City Game

Inspired by Louis Vuitton’s City Guide Collection, the City Game is exclusive to the Tambour Horizon watch and invites you to play along to unlock special city-specific watch faces.

My Digital

Access your favorite functionalities and apps at a glance by displaying them on your watch face.

My 24 Hours

Display 24 time zones with colorful flags on your Tambour Horizon watch face along with various information and statistics, such as your agenda and the weather forecast by the hour.

Vivienne Funfair

Take a colorful and playful rollercoaster ride for the Holidays across the face of this Tambour Horizon watch face.


This Tambour Horizon watch face features a whimsical animation of the LV initials with a gradient blue Monogram in a dream-like cloudscape.

#LVPreColl Fall 2020

Inspired by Virgil Abloh’s designs for his Louis Vuitton Men’s 2020 Fall-Winter Pre-Collection, this watch face features a graphic and colorful twist of the signature Monogram flowers.

Damier Link

Based on Virgil Abloh’s creations, this watch face features intertwined rainbow color hour numbers and signature LV initials found on the limited-edition Damier Graphite Link leather goods.


Inspired by the Virgil Abloh and NIGO® for Louis Vuitton capsule collection, this animated watch face features the “LV Made” duck on the LV² patchwork pattern as a tribute to NIGO®’s signature.


Created for the futuristic Louis Vuitton 2054 capsule collection by Virgil Abloh, this Tambour Horizon watch face displays a three-dimensional Monogram that reacts when touched.

LV x LoL

To celebrate the Louis Vuitton x League of Legends capsule collection, this animated watch face is inspired by the game universe and the Maison’s heritage featuring Qiyana’s Prestige LV skin ring blade.

LV Neon

Featuring an exclusive “LV Neon” glow in the dark watch face, enjoy various colorful and playful animations.

#LVPreColl Spring 2020

Reflecting the Men’s Spring-Summer 2020 Pre-Collection’s key motif, this watch face animates Virgil Abloh’s blue Monogram camouflage pattern.


This Tambour Horizon watch face creates a patchwork of flags representing the nationalities of Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton studio as a powerful symbol of diversity and inclusion.

#LVPreColl Fall 2019

Inspired by the “logomania” theme of Virgil Abloh’s 2019 Fall-Winter Pre-Collection, this watch face features six combinations of colorful Louis Vuitton logos.

#LVPreColl Fall 2018

Dedicated to the Men’s Men’s 2018 Fall-Winter Pre-Collection, this Tambour Horizon watch face features an animated Vivienne, the Maison’s mascot.


Featuring a futuristic and modern design, three new dials on this watch face are inspired by Nicolas Ghesquière’s Spring-Summer 2018 collection.


With its outer space theme, this watch face features an animated Louis Vuitton astronaut soaring over a Monogram galaxy from the Spring-Summer 2019 collection.


Enter the world of Nicolas Ghesquière’s 2018 Cruise fashion show that took place in Kyoto, Japan, with a watch face that features two Kabuki masks with animated eyes.

Essential Brown

Inspired by the Maison’s signature Monogram pattern, the heritage of Louis Vuitton is showcased with the iconic brown dial of the Tambour Horizon watch face.

Spin Time

As a digital recreation of Louis Vuitton’s exclusive Spin Time Watch movement, this watch face displays rotating cubes that spin like a live Damier pattern.

Moon Star Black and White

Paying tribute to the original Tambour watch collection, the sophisticated and feminine Moon Star watch face features a Monogram flower small-seconds hand.


The ideal combination of sport and style, the sailing-inspired navy blue Regatta watch face features essential functions including a chronograph.

New Releases

Louis Vuitton continually shares new watch face designs for the Tambour Horizon inspired by the latest Men’s and Women’s fashion collections or to celebrate seasonal moments and holidays.

Summer By The Pool New

Escape to a warm summertime getaway with the new pastel gradient LV Canvas watch faces, inspired by the Women’s Summer 2021 collection.

Men’s Summer 2021 New

Recalling the Men’s Summer 2021 collection, this LV Canvas watch face features a watercolor design with bright splashes, reminiscent of a colorful summer lifestyle and the movement of the ocean.

Taigarama 2021

Add a pop of color to your wrist this summer with the new blue denim and rose fuchsia LV Canvas watch faces inspired by the Taigarama Men’s leather goods collection.

Valentine’s Day 2021

The colorful Lovelygram motif plays with Louis Vuitton’s signature symbols on this watch face, adding a touch of love and romance on Valentine’s Day.

Lunar New Year 2021

Celebrate the Year of the Ox with the Lunar New Year 2021 Tambour Horizon watch face, customizable with the 12 zodiac animals playfully animated on a wave of monogram flowers.

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