Towards a Dream

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Towards a Dream


Louis Vuitton embarks on a far-reaching journey, exploring dreamlike settings around the globe in an evocative ode to the inner child.
Set against breathtaking wintry landscapes in Chile, Viviane Sassen captures the awe, innocence, and unbridled joy of a group of children on a boundless quest of the imagination, through a reverie of otherworldly beauty and infinite possibility.


Traversing wild American landscapes, photographer Viviane Sassen captures a young boy and his band of friends as they set out an adventure, with the iconic Louis Vuitton trunk as their imaginary vessel. From the dunes of White Sands, New Mexico, to the woods outside of Austin, Texas, perspectives are played with, shadows enlivened, and nature harnessed.


Against the monumental backdrop of France’s Mont Saint-Michel, a group of local children frolic on the tidal island’s shoreline, embodying a limitless sense of optimism and freedom.


Wonders of both man and nature, Jordan’s archeological site of Petra and the desert valley of Wadi Rum becomes a playground of discovery for local schoolchildren.


Rich in ancient history, the Greek island of Milos beckons to a group of children, inviting them to play among its stark shores and pristine waters.


Along Iceland’s dramatic coastline, children follow wherever their imagination leads, let loose among its mystical beaches and ethereal lagoons.