Fashion - Fashion Shows 10/04

Women's Spring-Summer 2021 Show

Nicolas Ghesquière presented his new Louis Vuitton Women's Spring-Summer 2021 Collection at Samaritaine in Paris.


Chroma key. A selection of bags from the collection includes entirely new designs as well as reinterpretations of iconic models.


Under the glass roof of the Samaritaine building, the runway is set against the historic monument’s Art Deco architecture and Art Nouveau frescoes. Interspersed throughout the set are large swaths of the color green, serving as chroma key screens for scenes from Wim Wenders’ film “Wings of Desire” to be digitally layered in for virtual audiences.

What space is there for a category of clothing between feminine and masculine? We’re defining a type of clothing that lives in a non-binary zone.


This season, Nicolas Ghesquière steps into a territory where gender is erased and creative possibilities are endless. The collection finds expression in a landscape that is tenuous and vast, but also neutral: giving it color, forging its character, inciting radicality, giving it personality.


The collection expresses this in-between zone through pieces that are as feminine as they are masculine: dresses are shaped like exaggerated t-shirts, and classic overcoats are finished like oversized sweaters. Bags take on the season’s signature chameleon green while shoes ranged from puffy heels to sporty derbies. On some styles, prints are made up of words that are like positive injunctions, making an energetic and bold stand.


An overview of the celebrities who attended the Women’s Spring-Summer 2021 Fashion Show at Samaritaine in Paris.