Anemona Table MM by Atelier Biagetti

The Italian artist-designer duo behind Atelier Biagetti pays homage to the Adriatic Sea in their Anemona Table for the Objets Nomades collection. Under the beveled glass top, the sculptural, wave-like base is lined with sumptuous Louis Vuitton leather. Large enough to seat 8, the table is a natural centerpiece, a magnet for conversation and conviviality.

Detailed Features

86.61 x 29.13 x 55.12 inches
(Length x Height x Width)
  • Base H 75 cm x table top dimension: 220 cm x 140 cm
  • Weight of the feet: 60 kg + table top = 60 kg (total 120 kg)
  • Glass top
  • Lacquered fiberglass base lined with supple leather
  • Seats 8 to 10
  • Made in Italy