Aura Consortium Blockchain & the LV Diamond Certificate

What is the Aura Consortium Blockchain?
Aura Consortium Blockchain is a standard solution shared between all luxury industry stakeholders to support luxury products long life. 

Aura provides a set of integrated solutions such as track & trace and the safeguarding of the data by providing record of product journey since its creation and information on product raw materials origin. 

Data is immutably encrypted in Aura Consortium Blockchain.

What are the benefits of Aura Consortium Blockchain?
As a client, thanks to Aura, wherever I am in the world, I know that my product data is immutable, secured, and transmissible. 

This ensures the persistence of data over time, allows to trace digitally the entire life of the product, and guarantees the safety of the certificate’s dare. 

Can I see my Certificate on the blockchain?
The information displayed in your LV Diamonds certificate is a mirror of the information available on the Aura Consortium Blockchain.  

Is the Aura Consortium blockchain sustainable? 
The Aura Consortium Blockchain is a private blockchain with proof of authority protocol (vs. proof of work), allowing to keep its energy very low (no data mining), which makes it a sustainable blockchain. 

What is the LV Diamond Certificate? 
Debuting for the LV Diamonds Collection and in keeping with the Maison’s legacy of innovation, Louis Vuitton presents the first-ever secure digital diamond certificate. A cutting-edge solution for diamond traceability and responsible sourcing, this transparent, unalterable digital certificate uses Aura blockchain technology to store each stone’s unique characteristics, provenance, and journey, guaranteeing the safeguarding of this data indefinitely.


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