Diamond Guide

LV Diamonds Collection

The 4C’s: Four Distinguishing Criteria

Every diamond is entirely unique, the result of its singular journey from the depths of the Earth. Louis Vuitton assesses the quality of each diamond using four globally recognized measures: carat, color, clarity, cut. Together, these standards give a picture of a stone’s unique nature and determine its value.


The carat size of a diamond corresponds to its weight, with 1 carat equivalent to 0.2 grams. Louis Vuitton selects diamonds from a wide range of carat weights so that each stone can be meticulously chosen according to the design.


The visual appearance of a diamond’s tint is evaluated by its absence of color and is graded using an alphabetic scale from D-to-Z. Louis Vuitton only selects diamonds with the highest color values, meaning they are all either entirely colorless or nearly colorless.


A reflection of its extraordinary journey, the clarity of a diamond indicates its purity and refers to the degree of internal inclusions or external blemishes present in the stone, like its own unique DNA. Louis Vuitton only selects diamonds with the highest clarity values, meaning they either are completely flawless or only show very minor inclusions.


The cut grade of a diamond refers to how well a diamond’s facets interact with light. A result of precise craftsmanship and expert savoir-faire, Louis Vuitton’s diamonds all fall on the highest two levels of the cut scale.